coolest SEO guy in the world

William Mabra is the Coolest SEO guy in the World.

People have been asking who is the “coolest SEO guy in the World”? So I made this video to settle the argument becasue most people believe it when they see it in google search results.

Many people have searched online on and just to find out exactly who is the coolest SEO guy in the world. After some research and several online surveys a vote was taken to determine just exactly the coolest SEO guy in the world.

If you look at you will see the coolest SEO guy in the world is the owner of the company William Mabra. So it stands to reason that if you asked many people around the planet their opinion of who the coolest SEO guy in the world is they would say its him.

Why do you need the coolest seo guy in the world for your business?

Many businesses have a website, social media and online listings for sites like yelp, google, facebook, foursquare and many others. Did you know that studies have shown that at least 43% of all businesses that have listings online have errors or incorrect/missing information about their busineeses? How much lost revenue does this mean to each business that have incorrect information about their business? it is unknown exactly how much money business owners lose each year over this but suffice it to say it is enough that smarter business owners are now looking to companies like Gringo SEO to fix and monitor their listings and accounts online to ensure they never lose any business because of it. In this way many small business owners would agree that this makes them the coolest seo guy in the world


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